Truck Dumper Product Line

We offer several models of truck dumpers.  Different angles of tilt, from 35 degrees to 62 degrees of tilt, are suited for all products;  from citrus, biomass, wood chip, wood products, grain, cotton seed, peanuts, vegetables, sugar, beet/cane, potatoes, and all other flow-able products.

We also offer a variety of safety-type holding devices, such as wheel stops cross-arm backstops to cable tie-downs.

We offer it in a variety of lengths from 40 to 75 feet long to fit all your requirements.

Easy, low-cost installation. Large Fit-together pieces. No costly, dangerous, and time-consuming field welding like other manufacturers.

Landfill Tipper

Tipper is designed to raise itself in front for coupling to a truck/tractor or Dual axel dolly for relocation in the landfill. Time required for in-the-cell relocation is approximately ten minutes.

Container Loader

American International Loader takes the hassle out of disconnecting and reconnecting the container.

Container Tipper

We offer a better container unloading process than tilting trailers. Our innovative Container Unloaders for Food products including sugar, grain, rice, soya bean, coffee. Minerals including nickel, coal, lime, cement, Polymers including resins PET, PE, PP, Recycling.

Full Tilt Truck Dumper

50’ (Trailer only), 63-degree angle, Dumpers / Tippers Comes Standard, Complete with 40 HP Pumping unit, 340’’ Stroke Telescoping Cylinders.

Low Profile Truck Dumper

Up to 62-degree angle of tilt, easy low-cost installation.

Semi Portable

A semi portable unit designed to be moved with less frequency. Utilizes a sub frame only, with the dumper sitting directly onto a flat surface/slab. This unit is portable - it is fully capable of being moved, yet must be lifted onto a flatbed trailer for transport.

Wood Chip Truck Dumper

Lengths from 40 to 75 feet long & angles of tilt, up to 63 degrees of tilt.