Cannabis Hemp Dumper

The American International Inc. engineering team designed the CBD Dumper Series, the patent pending unloading system is great for the cannabis and hemp industries.

The CBD Dumper Series was also designed with scalability in mind. Our Dumpers and Hoppers can be incorporated into larger systems of almost any size.

Easy, low-cost installation. Large Fit-together pieces. No costly, dangerous and time-consuming field welding like other manufacturers.

The American International Inc. engineering team specifically designed the CBD Dumper Series with large scale industrial Hemp, Cannabis processors in mind. 

The American International Inc. CBD Dumper Series has been designed to be a far better unloading system than anything currently used in the industry. Importantly, the scalability for the plant means processors can attain the production capacity that currently suits their needs while reserving the possibility of increasing their production capacity in the future.

American International Inc. container unloaders are very versatile, you can unload 20’, 40’ and even 53’ foot containers for a wide range of bulk materials like hemp seeds. 

With this unique system you can increase the productivity of your operation while improving safety and allowing you to avoid the contamination risks caused by double handling the imported material.​