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American International TN, LLC

Tel: (731) 229-0022

Our friendly, experienced staff will help you with any project.

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Our truck dumpers are made to last. They are designed with durability, safety in mind.

* One year warranty on the frame

* One year on Hydraulic components

* One year on Electrical components

* Designed with extra heavy I-beams

* 24"/94# per foot, 3/8 floor plating

Here at American International TN LLC, we've got you and your needs covered. You see, we've been in the equipment business for years & now we are selling hydraulic truck dumpers & tippers for semi trucks & trailers and we've got the experience that it takes to be the best in the bulk material handling equipment industry.  Contact us today to learn more... 731-229-0022

American International TN LLC

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