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American International TN, LLC

Tel: (731) 229-0022

Our Landfill Tippers & Dumpers feature advanced engineering and heavy-duty construction that result in fast cycle times, improved productivity and reliable performance.

Each landfill tipper is designed and built quite a bit heavier than the traditional models that have been used for the last 60 years..

American International TN LLC is dedicated to manufacturing high quality and reliable landfill tippers & dumpers.

Our tippers are available in drive-through and back-on configurations for both grade-level and elevated discharge.

Contact us to learn more about our Landfill Tippers & Dumpers.

We manufacture a variety of different models of Landfill Tippers & Dumpers.

Each model is determined by the length and its tilt angle needed. Lengths from 40 to 70 feet long & angles of tilt, from 35 degree to 60 degrees of tilt.

​Our landfill dumpers/tippers are designed to unload bulk materials such as municipal solid wastes.

Landfill tipper & Dumpers