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All of our Portable Steel Bridges​​​​​​​ are single piece units. This allows for even easier transportation, on site assembly and removal. Whether our customers setup the bridges themselves or use our services, the job gets done fast.​​​​​​​.

American International TN is dedicated to manufacturing high quality, strong and reliable Steel products.

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Accessesing Hard to Reach Areas
Their Steel bridges can give you access to areas that have water obstacles or crevasses that are in your way.


prefabricated & PORTABLE

Our Bridges are built in various configurations, from complete bridges ready for a quick install, to bridges with specific applications.

They are easy to setup and dependable bridges, our standard portable bridges are an ideal solution. With a variety of spans ranging from 20'-75' and engineered for easy assembly, these bridges get our customers moving quickly...

Our Steel Bridges are a quick and easy solution for many types of projects because they are low profile and can be placed with minimal earth works.

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Steel Bridges

Minimize Environmental Impacts
Installing a temporary steel bridge can protect the land where you’re working and lessen the impact of your activities on the environment..

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